A London based Contract Javascript Developer.

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David A. Braben

Front-End Developer

A London-based Javascript Developer. I have over 20 years experience working in web-based services. "Simplicity" is the most important word in my vocabulary.

Through my experience I recognise that the solutions I develop should be easy to use, accessible and easily to maintain.

An active member of the 'Javascript Experts' community, 'NodeJS' network, UK Usability Professionals' Association (UK UXPA), 'SharePoint Specialists', and AAP.

I'm a graduate of both a BSc (Hons) 'Computering and Systems Practice' and BA (Hons) 'Graphic Design'. I like working with others and get a real buzz from sharing ideas and learning.

My most important asset is a good sense of humour.

What I do


Node makes it easy for developers to build performant web applications with JavaScript.

My experience has mostly been with using it as a HTTP server with Express and Passport for authorisation and authentification.

My most recent being a website for an energy company that was built using MongoDB, Node, Express, Passport, SASS and React.


Redux is a framework that controls the state in JavaScript.

I've recently worked with React/Redux for a financial management application built entirely as a Single Page Application (SPA) where managing the data was highly complex and concurrency was critical for the business requirements.

The most recent being a financial management tool for the UK Government and used solely by HM Treasury.

SharePoint/Office 365

I've been involved in developing highly complex applications and intranets for clients such as M&S and Lloyds Register. I recently consulted on the HLD, migration and complex workflows for a customer-science company valued at $2bn. I helped build M&S's ground breaking intranet on O365.

Going forward, my React skills help with the next phase of SharePoint by using the SPFX framework.

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