HS2 High Speed

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    Intranet, SharePoint, UX/UI Design, Code
The challenge

I was able to provide project management, hands-on support, guidance, design and front to mid-level development support for HS2's SharePoint 2010 intranet. The final solution engaged its targeted audiences through user-centered design and adherence to strict corporate guidelines.

The project involved helping HS2 to review its current intranet. I was able to produce a compelling design that adhered to the strict corporate guidelines that reflect HS2's high-standards and aspirations.

The solution

The project involved gathering user requirements, developing personas and examined the site from user-focused workflows. I had the opportunity to organise user workshops, where I was able to demonstrate and gather feedback on low and high fidelity prototypes. I was then able to channel the feedback into the final solution.

As the design lead, I kept all stakeholders informed of the development of the front-end. I provided all the HTML, Javascript, CSS, Photoshop and W3C compliance support. Using SharePoint 2010 Designer I developed the masterpages and page layouts. I also ensured that all the outputs were compatible for cross-browser use and functionally supported iPad users

H2 High Speed