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    Website, Node, Express, Jade
The challenge

Unison's website had become completely outdated. It was running on a classic ASP server and as time had moved on the site's ablility to Communicate hadn't. A mjor rebuild was required.

We engaged with users and created priority personas, user journeys, and honed the overall user requirements. We performed several card sort activities where we asked users to participate in the sorting and grouping of content into logical clusters. For instance, trouble at work, joining and contacting your rep.

The solution

Working in a consultant full stack designer/developer role I was able to build a new website using Node, Express and Jade. I took the opportunity to rebuild the structure of the entire site adding extra functionality so the Comms team could easily publish articles and make use of predefined templates and content-types. These made use of a bespoke administration and forms based back-end.

Unison website